Make Space is encouraging everyone to make a pitch for us. Our site is open for any contribution you can share with the public. You can be anyone who has a connection to homes. We are open for your ideas so we can share it the people everywhere. Imagine that millions of individuals can benefit from the tips that you can give. If you are someone who is:

–    A Homeowner

–    An Architect

–    Contractor

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–    Interior Designer

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–    Home Inspector

–    Or anyone as long as you have expertise with homes

You are all welcome to share a piece of your mind with Make Space. You will have the privilege of being featured on our site and you will be able to help millions of people who can read your piece. Making a contribution with us is simple. Just send us your article in an email including your name, contact information and the topic of your pitch to make sure that we can reach you immediately. Please send it at One of our columnists will be in touch with you within 24-hours to coordinate with the details about your contribution and when will it be featured.