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Coalition for Young People

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Young people are a number one priority. They are our present and our future. That is why the Coalition for Young People has been formed, bringing together leading national organisations that work with or represent young people.

All too often political debate and media coverage responds to and feeds a negative perception of young people. As a result many feel and are marginalised. The Coalition will create a positive agenda for the empowerment, entitlement and equality of all young people.

The Coalition for Young People's manifesto lists out a set of demands for all political parties:

1. We want great places for young people to go and great things to do.

2. We want young people to be able to make the most of facilities on offer.

3. We want young people to flourish -- to get the most from their education and wider learning -- in school, in their youth centre and at home.

4. We want young people to get the help and support they need when they need it.

5. We want more young people involved in decision making.

6. We want great people to work with young people to inspire, motivate, support and help them gain new skills.

7. We want to prevent vulnerable young people from getting involved in crime.

8. We want to ensure that all Government policies work for young people, not against.

Click the following link to read the entire Coalition for Young People manifesto.

Working together we can inform debate and raise awareness of young people's needs, we can open up opportunities and challenge inequalities, and we can make sure young people have a voice and take informed decisions to help build a better future for all.

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